TSA Locks – What they are and why you need them


What is TSA LOCK®?

TSA LOCK® is a global security system which allows passengers to lock their luggage, while permitting security authorities to inspect them without damage.  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, was the first security agency to use the system.

What does this mean for travellers?

When travelling to airports across the USA, Canada, Japan, Israel, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, South Korea, New Zealand and soon other countries, security agencies are equipped with tools that allow them to open, inspect and re-lock any items of luggage secured with TSA LOCKS without damage. These locks can also be used for travel to all other countries.

TSA Lock – Keys

TSA Locks are combination style locks that users are able to set and change at their leisure. TSA keys are not available to the public nor are they available to sellers of TSA approved locks. The only keys that exist are in the possession of airport security officials.

Samsonite & TSA

Samsonite has installed TSA locks on most of our products in order to make your travel experience easier, safer and more convenient. Having built in TSA locks on your luggage means that you’ll never have to worry about your lock being lost, cut off or breaking off of your bag; therefore your luggage will always be secure and your items will always be safe.


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