Travelling With Disabilities

Everyone should be given the opportunity to travel and see the world. Travelling with disabilities can be a challenge to those affected, however it should never be a reason you or a disabled loved one does not travel.

Find the perfect destination

The key to traveling with a disability is to make sure your destination is suitable to yours or the needs of your loved ones. Finding accessible destinations is a must, and not as difficult as you may think. Many destinations around the world including Berlin, Tel Aviv, Colorado, Milan and Seattle are some of the world’s most disability friendly travel destinations. Be sure that hotels which are booked have all the amenities required, as this will streamline the travel experience.

Use the right travel agent

Using a travel agent who specialises in putting together accessible trips for its disabled clientele can make a world of difference. They will organise tours, transfers and hotels which are all appropriate and cater to the needs of yourself or your disabled loved one.  Some travel agents in South Africa which specialise in these types of trips include:

Be ready for air travel

For a disabled person, the airport rush has a whole new meaning, with check ins, security passes and connection flights can be a greatly stressful experience. It is therefore important to contact your airline in advance and advise them that you will be travelling with, or are a disabled person who will need extra assistance. This help will streamline the airport experience and minimise stress.

Plan your methods of transport

It is important to become familiar with the available transport in the destination you will be travelling to, so that you can plan your trip. Most city busses have ramps which can be utilised, and some taxis also have assistance devices. City subways or tubes are not recommended as elevators are often out of order or non-existent. Uber has also been doing great work in catering for people with disabilities which may be an option for you depending on availability at your destination (Check out Ubers options for special needs riders: )

Nothing should stand in the way or exclude anyone from travelling and planning the perfect trip for yourself or a loved one with a disability can make a world of difference to their outlook. Remember to be patient and offer help to the disabled person where you can.