Zipperless luggage : A new way to lock up

There has been much talk on social media and in the news about airport security and luggage of late, particularly with the recent issues at OR Tambo airport thanks to TV and radio personality Anele Mdoda. As a result, the need for innovation and durable luggage lock up is at the top of mind for many travelers. Samsonite is a proudly innovative company and we know that your luggage needs the latest and best in safety devices.

Renowned consumer journalist Wendy Knowler chatted to us and subsequently wrote about the issue.  Knowler also spoke about how zips are the weakest point of luggage. So, what do you if you want other options to lock up your bag? Well, international travel journalist Rena Behar recently wrote an interesting article around zipperless luggage and we couldn’t agree more.

Zipperless luggage is safe, practical and can lead to a longer lifespan of your most loved and necessary travel accessory, your bag!

Our innovative 3 point locking system is a tried and tested unique locking system which makes travel that much easier, and safer.

We have a wide range of three-point lock luggage available for you to choose from. Here are some of our top recommendations