Travel smart with the Samsonite Prodigy

Imagine luggage that could tell you where it was and provide you with enough power to keep your much-needed devices charged and ready for work? Stop imagining. Get ready to travel smart. The new Prodigy is here and it’s ready to change the way you do travel.

What is Smart luggage?

To put it frankly, smart luggage is luggage that puts in the work to make your life easier. Samsonite prides itself in innovation so it should not come as a surprise that yet again, we have created a piece of equipment that removes travel issues through technological advances. Smart items such as luggage location devices, powerbanks, easy access compartments and dedicated USB ports are innovations which aim to make your journey that much easier. Smart, huh?

What’s in the bag?

The recessed front pocket

Let’s start at the beginning of your journey. Firstly, getting through security is a breeze thanks to the recessed front pocket.Traditionally, front pocket access was limited to soft cases, however as Samsonite strives constantly towards innovative concepts, the hard case prodigy is ground breaking technology offering you the hassle free option of easy access to your technology. No more scrambling to find your laptop, tablet or travel documents. It’s right there and easy to get to, quickly.

The Powerbank

Our  integrated and removable powerbank comes standard and it packs a punch. You don’t need to go hunting for a wall socket to plug in your phone charger. A handy external USB port allows your Prodigy to become a mobile charging station, so where ever your Prodigy goes, your access to power goes with. It’s removable too so you can take your charge with you!

The Tile

Speaking of going places, have you ever wondered where your luggage is? Remove that from your travel thoughts thanks to the Prodigy’s in bag Tile Mate, the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker device, which is a guaranteed way to always find your luggage! No more lost looks or moments of panic. Simply track your Prodigy, anytime, anywhere through your device.

It’s time to reward yourself with something smart from Samsonite.It’s time to travel smart. It’s time for you to get the Samsonite Prodigy Spinner.

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