The lightest Samsonite case on the market!

The Lite-Shock Sport, a perfect match for the sportive, tech savvy traveler! The athleisure variation of Lite-Shock stays true to the acclaimed lightness and shock-absorbing design of the original. It embodies modern style and high functionality thanks to the revolutionary Curv material, the bold colour palette, eye-catching red detailing and water-resistant PU zipper.

Incredibly light!

This case is incredibly light, with the 55cm weighing in at 1,7kg and has a unique shock absorbing design. The Lite-Shock Sport makes travelling for business a pleasure with its smooth rolling wheels, sleek design and extremely lightweight exterior.

An interior for travel

The interior of the case boasts a refreshed athleisure feel, lightweight fabric, side pockets and eye-catching details on the cross ribbon. The interior is easily used for compartmentalized packing and is the perfect companion for organized and efficient travel. Separate your business outfits from your shoes with the two separated compartments with plenty of room for your toiletries and travel essentials.

Technology for travel

This product is made from 100% Curv technology which is an incredibly lightweight, impact-resistant technology made from weaving fibers of ultra-strong polypropylene together. This technology has stood the pressures of perilous testing, one of these tests being a Curv suitcase having a trailer dropped on it from 4 stories and surviving the hit. This material is designed to protect your valuables from the inside out and it does so with unmatched resilience and style.

Uncompromising style

While its lightweight and stylish demeanor are enough to give the Lite-Shock Sport a place with the top suitcases in the world, it is the ease at which this dynamic case meshes with its carrier, complimenting the individuals style seamlessly on their travels. The Lite-Shock Sport goes best with understated and stylish business looks, embodying comfort and confidence as you move through the worlds airports, train stations and subways.