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How to choose luggage for your trip

It’s not always easy finding that perfect piece of luggage. You have a host of options and variations, all with great innovations, unique designs and loads of styles. So where do you start and what do you need to look out for when you need to choose luggage? We have a range of tips and […]

Travel tips from fashion guru Yasmin Furmie

Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine caught up with SiSi the Collection co-founder Yasmin Furmie to gain insight into her fashion influences and travel tips  “My fashion choices defy expectation,” says 50-something-year-old Yasmin Furmie. And she’s spot on about that; there is nothing predictable or plain about this siren. Everything about her – from her effervescent energy, to the […]

Travel smart with the Samsonite Prodigy

Imagine luggage that could tell you where it was and provide you with enough power to keep your much-needed devices charged and ready for work? Stop imagining. Get ready to travel smart. The new Prodigy is here and it’s ready to change the way you do travel. What is Smart luggage? To put it frankly, […]

Must have items for the traveling parent

Traveling with the family is a a great experience. Sometimes you need to hit the road on your own and that means, as a traveling parent you need to take along certain products and ‘creature comforts’ from home. Think of it as taking a bit of that home vibe with you, wherever you go. It […]

How to make the most out of your business trip

Flying messes with your schedule. That’s a known fact. Between meetings, transfers, the flights and of course those all too often late client dinners, it can take a toll on even the most seasoned business traveler. So how do you make the most out of the situation? There is no easy way out, but we […]

What to do when you lose your passport

It’s the worst possible thing that could happen. You are on holiday somewhere beautiful and far, far away. You have just returned from a night filled with adventure, good food and even better company. You head to your room only to discover that your passport no longer resides in your back pocket. Panic sets in. […]

A Maldivian Getaway

Throughout my life I have seen countless travel magazine inserts, photography, travel packages and stunningly airbrushed Instagram influencer snaps of one of the most famous island paradises in the world: The Maldives. You might be fooled into thinking that this place has been made up to be more than it is, but you would be […]

The lightest Samsonite case on the market!

The Lite-Shock Sport, a perfect match for the sportive, tech savvy traveler! The athleisure variation of Lite-Shock stays true to the acclaimed lightness and shock-absorbing design of the original. It embodies modern style and high functionality thanks to the revolutionary Curv material, the bold colour palette, eye-catching red detailing and water-resistant PU zipper.

Travelling With Disabilities

Everyone should be given the opportunity to travel and see the world. Travelling with disabilities can be a challenge to those affected, however it should never be a reason you or a disabled loved one does not travel. Nothing should stand in the way or exclude anyone from travelling and planning the perfect trip for […]