Stylish Lady’s Laptop Bags That Can Do It All

“Wait! Where’s my bag?” The panic of losing a handbag is real. And it’s ten times worse if you had something important, like a laptop, inside it. As you know, a bag is a particularly personal item, and not all lady’s laptop bags are made equal.

The perfect bag becomes an attachment, an additional appendage, part of who you are. Can you relate? 

That’s why, when it comes to bag shopping, there’s an endless variety of options to choose from! So we’re here for you with some good advice on what to look for in stylish laptop bags.

Which Type of Bag Is Best for a Laptop?

Hundreds of lady’s laptop bags make it easy to feel confused. But actually, having so many different choices is wonderful! 

Firstly, you can shop around until you find something perfect for you. Secondly, you’re not likely to bump into someone carrying the exact same one as yours. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?)

To help narrow things down, there are a few essentials to bear in mind. Let’s start with the three simple requirements of a good laptop bag:

1. Bag Size

The right bag will be just big enough. Your laptop should fit securely, but without sliding around too much. 

2. Laptop Bag Functionality

A laptop bag is designed specifically to safely accommodate electronics. It will have the right sort of dimensions, internal compartments and padding that suit the primary function of storing your valuable device. 

Thus, the laptop is the primary consideration, even if it won’t be the only thing you carry. The bag must be designed in an organised way for storing some necessities, but not for miscellaneous objects with a convenient pouch to add a laptop as an afterthought. 

3. Style

Of course, your bag must look good. It has to be stylish enough to suit your overall look. 

Messenger, briefcase, tote or backpack? For us ladies, backpacks and totes are usually the way to go. Here’s why.

Backpacks have the advantage of better weight distribution across your back. This makes them more comfortable and more versatile. That being said, they’re not as convenient if you need to get something out quickly (you usually have to dig around a bit).  

Then again, maybe you want more of a tote. If you aren’t familiar with the term, a tote bag is more like a regular handbag that goes over one arm. You know, the type that works for everything and doesn’t scream: ‘hey look everyone there’s a laptop in here!’ 

The only thing is, totes get a bit uncomfortable if you have to carry them for a long time. So walking that extra flight of stairs or through an unexpectedly large office complex might take its toll on your shoulder. 

How Do I Choose the Right Size Laptop Bag?

The reason you need a laptop bag is for mobility. You need to transport yourself, and your laptop from point A to point B. So, besides the physical size and weight of the bag, you should also think about how you’ll use it and how much you’ll need to carry it around with you. 

Will you pop your laptop bag into the boot of a car? Do you use public transport? Will you need to carry it around a university campus? Or from one meeting to another? 

And, if you work from coffee shops, you might want a bag that’s small enough to place out of sight on the chair next to you.

Remember, the laptop compartment within the bag must be big enough to actually hold your laptop. This means you need to physically measure your laptop. The correct way to do this is by closing it first and then measuring it diagonally from corner to corner either in centimetres or inches. 

Stylish Laptop Bags for Women in South Africa

Samsonite laptop bags tick all the right boxes.  

Combining impressive space and versatility, the Zalia Backpack will be the only bag you need whether you’re a student, work remotely or travel a lot. The colour options include black, midnight blue, stone grey, and classic red. At 39,6cm (15,6 inches) it’s petite enough to look cute but big enough for all your gear and then some. 

The pockets are plentiful and considerately placed so there’ll be somewhat less of that digging around we mentioned earlier. 

  • The main laptop compartment rests against your back
  • The inner, central cavity is spacious for a few extras 
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable and slim but padded for comfort 
  • Zips are sleek and attractive

Designed with travel in mind, when you examine this Samsonite laptop bag you’ll find a barely noticeable strap at the very back of the bag. This fits over the luggage handle of a bigger bag so you can give your shoulders a rest while you wait for your flight. 

This sophisticated option comes in midnight blue, stone grey or black and its perfect proportions are measured at 35,56cm (14 inches). 

  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap and two carry handles
  • The inner cavity has divisions for sliding in a laptop, tablet and cell phone
  • There is a useful additional front pocket
  • Zips are feminine without lacking sturdiness

The slim side profile makes this a smart-looking laptop bag, perfect for corporate life. The empty weight of the Bailhandle comes in at less than one kilogram. So, it’s lightweight and the compartments are super accessible for any busy, multi-tasking boss lady.

Like the Zalia Backpack, it also has an additional concealed handle on the body side of the bag for secure, convenient travel. 

All the Ladies

Business or pleasure? Lady’s laptop bags can do it all. 

Whether you’re all business or a laid-back student, there’s nothing like a laptop for flexibility in your daily routine. Perhaps you enjoy hunting for secluded little spots to find working inspiration. Or maybe it’s travel that keeps you moving. 

When it comes to lady’s laptop bags you know your own needs better than anyone else. So, if you’re looking for more fabulous options, you won’t go wrong with Samsonite!

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