Must have items for the traveling parent

Traveling with the family is a a great experience. Sometimes you need to hit the road on your own and that means, as a traveling parent you need to take along certain products and ‘creature comforts’ from home. Think of it as taking a bit of that home vibe with you, wherever you go.

It can be daunting to pack it all in so we decided to call on renowned business man and dad, James Lech for advice. James is the owner of the famous Superdads podcast.  

Here’s what James had to say:

“Traveling is always a huge excitement when done with one’s family but for a couple of weeks, I have to talk at some really great symposiums all around the country. I get to travel with my service dog and friend Pebble, which means more gear that has to be carried but the company is always welcomed.

As a parent who has to travel for work what do you set as those must-have items? I have to say that my wife and I have one key word – LIGHT. Whatever it is, it must be light and super effective for our needs.

For me it is a small, compact, and SUPER LIGHT toiletry bag – this one is from Samsonite South Africa : PRO-DLX 5 C. CASES SLIM TOILETRY BAG & I highly recommend this. Other than the fact that it goes with my Lite-Shock sport spinner.

I love quality and this is exactly that!”

So what’s inside the bag?

  • Pure Beginnings men’s roll on.
  • The Body Shop Eau De Toilette.
  • Pure Beginnings biodigradable wet wipes. This is one item I will never travel without, with or without my children being with. I have become dependent on this forever and always.
  • Simply Bamboo toothbrush. I loved the interview we did with Alex from Simply Bamboo – give it a listen on our podcast . 
  • Olgani Naturals – I travel with two variants of this toothpaste, one being an evening blend and the other used in the daytime.
  • Nivea shaving sensitive gel – old-time favorite * my old school #lionshaving blades.