How to make the most out of your business trip

Flying messes with your schedule. That’s a known fact. Between meetings, transfers, the flights and of course those all too often late client dinners, it can take a toll on even the most seasoned business traveler. So how do you make the most out of the situation? There is no easy way out, but we do have a few business trip tips  that may help you get the most out of your next work meeting.

Good tools make great trips

Connectivity is key to success. While you are buzzing around use collaborative tools like SharePoint and even your own cell and laptop-based tools, like your calendar (synced to everyone back at work of course.) Just make sure you are adding meetings and other important events so everyone is one the same page.

Be managed

Utilize the specialist knowledge and admin skills your travel manager has at their disposal to take care of the details you don’t have to, so you can concentrate on the things that matter.

Stay healthy

Working and travel mean one thing for sure; unhealthy habits like bad diets and no exercise. Pick healthier options over the buffet, avoid overdoing the booze and if you can, get at least 15 minutes of good old fashion exercise in a day. Remember – a brisk walk around exploring the city you are doing business in, counts!

Routine is key

If you have a certain set of habits (healthy ones) that you do at home, keep at them! Don’t change your wake-up alarm because you are in a different city. Making sure you keep as regular as possible is an important way of managing your time and schedule effectively while on your business trip.

Get it done before you leave

You cannot be expected to keep your current workload as is while you are moving around and shifting your focus in a foreign environment – so try chip away at your workload to ensure the pressure is alleviated slightly while you are away from your regular office situation.