How to avoid card fraud

Credit card fraud is a massive issue around the world and in South Africa. Whether you are eating out or on a business trip across the country, there is a possibility of your card being cloned or your details taken from you without your permission. The latest report by the Ombudsman of Banking Services shows an increase in credit card fraud from 12.2% to 19.47% between January and March 2019 The stats are frightening. Most victims (over 50% of complaints ) are over the age of 61. When it comes to travelling, counterfeit card fraud, stolen and lost card fraud are forms of crime which can and should be eliminated from your things to worry about when travelling.  With the Samsonite range of RFID products and our handy guide below, you can rest assured that your credit card fears can take a back seat and you can avoid card fraud.

Firstly, some handy tips when using your card:

  • Never let the card out of your sight when making payments.
  • Report suspicious behaviour and loitering around an ATM
  • Never accept help from anyone at an ATM and always check that your ATM face has not been altered before using it
  • Don’t give out your PIN
  • Always check your bank statements
  • Destroy bank statements when you no longer need them
  • Use online security methods as much as possible for online orders.
  • Never send card details over an email.
  • Report any irregular transactions as soon as possible.

To avoid having your card fraudulently manipulated, you need to protect your card from from contactless card fraud. Samsonite has a range of products which have specially designed RFID (radio-frequency identification) protectors built into the product to ensure your card cannot be illegally accessed. When you buy a product with RFID protection, you give yourself peace of mind that your card is safely stored behind a wall of guaranteed RFID security!

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